Adanac Customer Service includes customer training and on-site seminars. These are supported by reference guides, protocol manuals and other documentation to assist users during training and for system operation.

24-Hour Service: Adanac provides 24-hour remote internal monitoring of the pneumatic system. This ensures the immediate detection of potential problems and the taking of corrective action without delay, ensuring that a potential pause in operations will be of minimal duration.

The Adanac Client Support Program is backed by nation-wide factory-trained specialists. Should an interruption in service occur, our technicians will resolve the problem promptly.?? Servicing is swift, simple and discrete. There is no need to shut down the entire system to service a specific component.

Toll Free Number: 866-678-1219

1 - 100 Haist Avenue
Woodbridge (ON) L4L 5V4
Tel: 905-660-7041
Fax: 905-660-1228

925 St. Charles
St. Lambert (QC) J4P 2A2
Tel: 450-671-1216
Fax: 450-671-5953


Next Generation Control Panel
Adanac introduces the next generation of station control panel. Designed using the input and suggestions of healthcare workers, Adanacís newest station control panel includes a 10-inch, full-colour, LCD touch-screen display. This keypad allows station users to send and receive carriers and access advanced system features all through an extremely user-friendly interface. User-definable speed-dial keys, an interactive and sortable station directory and a detailed maintenance diagnostic interface are just some of the other features that will increase productivity and efficiency.