Using an Adanac computerized pneumatic tube conveyor system means minimizing the movement of personnel, reducing delays and improving services. Adanac pneumatic systems can be programmed to send several objects in sequence simultaneously to different locations. Payloads are delivered to any destination unerringly, inexpensively and faster than a runner or messenger, saving time and money. Adanac pneumatic tube systems are fully upgradeable. System upgrades of hardware components and software are offered as they become available.

AWP Systems are our top-level automatic multi-station systems typically used in large hospital centres. They are controlled by a central computer and can be expanded to virtually any number of stations. The stations are built into walls, and come in 6-inch and 4-inch diameter tubing.

MWP Systems are smaller than AWP systems, though they use stations found in AWP Systems in combination with smaller less-sophisticated stations. MWP systems are ideal for smaller hospitals which make less frequent use of the pneumatic conveyor system. MWP systems also come in 6-inch and 4-inch diameter tubing.

PTP Systems, or point-to-point systems, have only two stations and are typically employed in very small hospitals or in retail, commercial and industrial locations. PTP systems are available in 4-, 6- and 8-inch diameter tubing.

Money Tube Systems are specifically designed for sending cash from cashier areas to a central cash office. They only function in one direction, and the in-coming tube is directly connected to a safe in the cash office.

Custom Systems can be designed and implemented to meet clients’ specific needs. These also include rectangular systems of varying sizes.


Next Generation Control Panel
Adanac introduces the next generation of station control panel. Designed using the input and suggestions of healthcare workers, Adanac’s newest station control panel includes a 10-inch, full-colour, LCD touch-screen display. This keypad allows station users to send and receive carriers and access advanced system features all through an extremely user-friendly interface. User-definable speed-dial keys, an interactive and sortable station directory and a detailed maintenance diagnostic interface are just some of the other features that will increase productivity and efficiency.