Adanac Systems are currently installed in small, medium and large hospitals and healthcare centres to safely and rapidly transport specimens, blood, X-rays, medical instruments and pharmaceutical supplies between departments. This increases productivity and the overall quality of patient care.

Adanac pneumatic tube conveyor systems are a safe and efficient means of transporting objects and documents using vacuum tube and computer technology. Adanac carriers, made of high-impact Lexan, are cushion-insulated to protect fragile items from shocks and breakage. The Adanac air-brake soft landing feature further assures the integrity of fragile objects during transportation. A pressure-seal lock keeps carriers securely shut, thus containing liquids and preventing potential spills.


Next Generation Control Panel
Adanac introduces the next generation of station control panel. Designed using the input and suggestions of healthcare workers, Adanacís newest station control panel includes a 10-inch, full-colour, LCD touch-screen display. This keypad allows station users to send and receive carriers and access advanced system features all through an extremely user-friendly interface. User-definable speed-dial keys, an interactive and sortable station directory and a detailed maintenance diagnostic interface are just some of the other features that will increase productivity and efficiency.